Allegany State Park – Places over 2000 Feet of Elevation

Allegany2000SummitsTopoSM There are 223 distinct locations in Allegany State Park with elevations of more than 2000 feet.

Here is link to topographical map showing them in numbered order, from highest to lowest:  Allegany State Park 2000 Topo Map

You might want to download the map for viewing on your computer.  It will take some time to display in your browser because of its size.

Here is a link to a Google map showing all 200 of those places, with the order in the column to the left.  Google Map of Allegany 2000  (Google only allows 200 place markers per page.  to see the remaining 23 you have to go to page 2 of the map by clicking on the “2” at the bottom of the list in the left hand column of the page).

Here is a link to a G4Map showing all 223 places.  G4Map of Allegany 2000