Gulf Wilderness Park Trails – Lockport, NY

  This information is derived from the website links set forth below rather than from the author’s actual hiking of the trail. It will be updated after the actual hike. Gulf Wilderness Park is a nature park in the City of Lockport, NY.  There appear to be four trails in the park that are interconnected to form loop trails, including a bridge over 18 mile creek, which runs through the middle of the park.  The picture to the left shows one of the signs at the park that may have been updated since that picture was taken.  Trail files created from the geocache picture depicted below can be downloaded here: The GPX file and the Goolge Earth KMLK file.   An article was written in January of 2012 about an eagle scout project that improved the trails in the park: Lockport student works on Eagle Scout project.   The picture to the right was taken from this blog: Get to the Woods.  The picture of the trails at this geocache blog was used to create the gpx and kml files: Gulf Wilderness Park: The Creepy Red Trail – OU00BF.  I also found a pdf entitled NIAGARA ESCARPMENT FIELD GUIDE, by Robert Lord, Niagara County Community College which contained this blurp about Gulf Wilderness Park:

Descend West Jackson Street until you reach Rollin T. Grant Gulf Wilderness Park. Park on the right side of the road (it is easy to miss the entrance). From the parking area on West Jackson Street proceed on the white trail until you are above the creek (about 100 yards). Turn left and proceed on the trail which runs parallel to the creek until you reach Indian Falls (43.18371 & 78.71496).

This is the valley occupied by 18 Mile Creek. As one observes the size of this valley compared to size of the creek one must ask how a small stream could erode such a deep valley since the end of the Ice Age (10,000 BP).

The trails appear to be between .6 and .8 miles long, making each loop about 1.5 miles long.  There appear to be two possible loops for a total of 3 miles of trails.  The railroad bed inside the park may also be a trail but I am awaiting confirmation of that from a contact a the City of Lockport.