Beehunter Trail in Allegany State Park

View of Beehunter Creek looking upstream

Click on this link for a Google Earth kml file showing the trail and waypoints. Beehunter KML file

Click here for the gpx track. Beehunter trail GPX file

The Beehunter trail is about 6 miles long (the park signs say 6.5 miles but a gps track came up with just 5.8 miles, including the walk across the field from the parking lot to the trail head.) This trail is described by the Park brochere as one of the more difficult trails in Allegany State Park. It really is not all that difficult.

There is an intial uphill hike, then downhill to Beehunter Creek, then uphill again on the other side of Beehunter Creek, then eventually going downhill again to the parking lot. Apparently the person who created the park brochere believes that going uphill and downhill twice is “difficult.” Most people who can’t run a 5k in less than 25 minutes will probably break a sweat on the uphills but nothing that is going to cause a normally healthy person to have a heart attack, especially if you take a few breaks on the way up.

There is no bridge or other structure to cross Beehunter Creek, but it can be easily crossed by rock hopping except in times of high water when you