Dann Lake Town Park, Amherst

Dann Lake Town Park is a passive recreational park located off Dann Road near the town’s Smith Road complex.   It consists of approximately 170 acres including Dann Lake and a smaller pond.  It is mostly low wet land with abundant wildlife. The only existing designated parking is on Dann Road not far from the intersection with Transit Road.
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Dann Lake Street Map

Dann Lake Street Map

Just past the gate there is an information kiosk with an aerial photo map showing the trails.

dann lake 048


dann lake 045

These trails are mostly old tractor paths with substantial ruts and large wet areas, some as deep as 6 to 8 inches. Waterproof boots and gaiters, or even better, swamp boots, are recommended.

 I was there on Saturday, November 14, 2009. The sky was clear and the high temperature for the day was an unusual 60 degrees. At the start of my hike I met a couple on their way out. I did not run into anyone else the entire three hours I was exploring the park.

I followed the trails and did some bushwhacking, during which I came across a trail that follows along a ridge (probably a mound of dirt built many years ago for flood control or to hide a dump). There are still signs of a dump along that trail, including a rusted car, tires, and building materials.

2009-11-14-dann lake hike