DEC Announces Wet Forest Road Closures in Chautauqua County

    Wet Spring Conditions Pose Threat to Surface Roads To protect public safety, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will temporarily close certain state forest seasonal access roads in Chautauqua County. The road closures are due to wet spring weather conditions. Road traffic in saturated, muddy conditions can degrade forest road…

Hike the New Mountain Biking Trail in Allegany State Park

New Bike Trail Overall Map

The 2010 Master Plan for Allegany State Park authorized the building of three new mountain biking/hiking trails.  The WNYMBA has marked the new trails with orange flagging ribbon tied to tree branches and the trunks of small trees.  This past April the WNYMBA started work on the one of these new trails – a loop…

Hike to the Summit Area Lean-tos in Allegany State Park

Summit Area Hiking Trails

There are seven interconnected trails in the Summit Area of Allegany State Park (also known as the Art Roscoe X-Country Ski Area. Click on the map to the left to open a larger version in your browser.

The Sweetwater, Christian Hollow, and Leonard Run trails are in the northern section of the Summit Area.

Ridge Run, Patterson, and Snow Snake go through the central portion to the southern portion. Bova is in the very southern portion.

This article describes a hike from the Summit area parking lot via the Patterson then Ridge Run trails to the new lean-to, then a return via the Bova and Snow Snake trails, passing the older lean-to on the Snow Snake trail.

Did a Bear do this?


This dug out tree was discovered on the ridge north of the Three Sisters trail in Allegany State Park in mid-May.  The longer dug out was about 4 foot long, the lowest portion of which was about 8 feet off the ground.  A small pile of wood chips was found at the base of the tree.…

Tick advice from the NYS DEC


Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve has issued a memo containing advice about ticks and Lyme disease: Due to the extremely mild winter, we are expecting more tick activity in Reinstein Woods. Therefore, we are providing information below from the New York State Department of Health about how to protect yourself and members of your organization from ticks. The Department…

Lost in the woods – advice from the NYS DEC Forest Rangers


        Every year the NYS DEC Forest Rangers extract about 200 people who are lost or stranded in the woods.  Maybe you should listen to them: Lost in the Woods – Tips for Staying Safe Forest Ranger Emergency Contact: 518-408-5850 518-891-0235 (Adirondacks) Each year, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)…

Bridal Falls in Allegany State Park

Bridal Falls

  Bridal Falls is is a feeder stream of Stoddard Creek in Allegany State Park. Bring a hammock and take a relaxing nap with the soothing sounds of both the falling water from the feeder stream and the water flowing in Stoddard Creek. The path to Bridal Falls starts on ASP 1 just 8/10ths of…

Hike to the Summit of Brown Mountain in Allegany State Park

USGS Benchmark at Summit of Mt. Brown

  This article describes just one of several approaches to the summit of Brown Mountain in Allegany State Park, on which you will find a USGS benchmark and two reference markers, along with a metal witness post. Mt. Brown is in the southwest corner of the park, bordered by the state line on the south,…